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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Glasgow Caledonian University

Good support for post graduate study, tutors can work around you and your schedule with employment. This course supports my ongoing professional development and evidence based practice read full review
my experience has been really good and i would highly recommend it to anyone on the fence about applying.

join societies and get to know your peers as much as possible and enjoy your time here read full review
It is a very well organised university that seems to rally care about helping the students have a positive experience. The lecturers are all very helpful and willing to discuss any issue further after class read full review
From the aspect of my accommodation, the university facilities and services, public infrastructure and people around Glasgow are all great. Although it is called as Glasgow City but the living cost is affordable for a student and hopefully the council will keep it this way. read full review
Love it but I haven’t started yet. They’ve been very supportive and reach out and answer questions very quickly. Been so good so far. Can’t wait till I come in Jan and start studying physiotherapy read full review
Amazing i love it !! I wish i could stay longer but the course is only 1 year. Great space and staff are excellent. Very supportive and very friendly . I definitely recommend this course read full review
In general is a very good university with good lecturers and services. Before coming I thought it was going to be bigger but The campus is very small and they are extremely straight when marking read full review