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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Goldsmiths, University of London

Overall, great experience. Maybe more things to help meet people and students would be good. read full review
it would be nice to have more casual hand out areas with couches read full review
The strength of this school is undoubtedly the creativity that comes from diversity. The school is made up of students of various nationalities, races, genders and ages, and the school is committed to promoting creativity. They also actively give feedback to students' opinions and help everyone study culture and arts in a better environment. In addition, by continuously opening writing classes and career classes for international students, the uni pay attention to helping students adapt well to English-speaking countries. I highly recommend this school if you need stimulation to broaden your perspective and expand your thoughts in culture and art.
The unfortunate thing is that the classes opened each semester are slightly different, so if the compulsory module and the optional module you want to listen to overlap, you must choose the compulsory module, and you cannot guarantee that the optional module you want to listen to next term will be opened. Also, the cleanliness of the bathroom is a bit disappointing. Other than that, all facilities and online platforms are in place for student support, such as a library, cafe, restaurant, and Student Union.
All opinions and thoughts are respected, and the environment where you can comfortably share your opinions from an open perspective with motives from various backgrounds and perspectives is superior to any university. read full review
The inclusive and contemporary approach to education and the state of Art resources are the best aspects. . read full review
Critical approach in teaching and amazing industry exposure, not to mention the wonderful location! read full review
great lecturers and workers here. They make the school worth it. Great programmes and they really engage and support the community here.

Much of the school seems rundown. Broken toilets, questionable lifts. Simple changes of these things could change the outlook of the campus. read full review
I have been very impressed with the quality of my supervisor and the opportunities/support given to MPhil/PhD students in my department.

In terms of administration support, I did have some difficulty once obtaining a basic reference letter for a scholarship application. There was a lot of runaround/being told to contact someone else. I had a sense admin is much more scattered than before, perhaps due to recent restructuring. read full review
Goldsmiths offered me opportunities to see, think and interact people from different world. Many colorful and amazing ideas and opinions are made and shared here.
But i do think it can be better if there are more student activities and sports activities that we can do. read full review
The university community is supportive and very accepting.

However, the facilities and sources seem limited, affecting other aspects. read full review