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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Harper Adams University

It has amazing facilities, the buildings, labs and research centers are great, especially for post graduate research.
The lecturers and supervisors are very very supportive and always willing to guide even out of working hours.
It has such a great community feel. I feel like a member of one big family. Student services are very supportive and always having outreach to students so even I as an international student, I do not feel left out.

The only concern might be location, because the uni is located in somewhat of a village and the transport public transport connection is not as frequent as the cities, so having private transport is an added advantage. This cannot really be changed but more for the student to be aware beforehand. read full review
The great thing about Harper is that because of it being small in nature there is a family feel to knowing everyone. The campus is pretty dead in terms of not having a lot of do other than lectures which is a shame as you can't even stay on campus to get food past 3pm. The union is really friendly and have done a lot for us but I sometimes feel that they are disadvantaged because they are so small and are so reliant on everything making money - unfortunately some of the facilities haven't been invested in and are in poor condition which is embarrassing when other universities come onto to campus I know this is a university issue rather than the unions. read full review
Best - living on Flatt road as it has the outdoor space for us to use
Worst - expensive events such as course dinners read full review
It’s friendly, campus based. You know everyone and the lecturers can get a feel for who you are and how you study.
The best in the industry.
They are varying their representation now which is amazing but needs to focus on some of their best parts and not be embarrassed about it’s more transitional routes as these are what made the uni read full review
Supportive and knowledgeable staff.
Lots of sports but lacking in arts societies read full review
The campus/ facilities are fantastic. And the courses tutors are second to none! read full review
Studying Part time whilst working in NI so enjoy the flexibility HAU provides.
Possibly better transport in/out of main towns? I stayed just outside Edgmond but will be looking to stay on campus in the future read full review
The student support is brilliant and the staff are excellent. The campus itself is lovely and is in a beautiful, rural location but it is a distance from any city. Newport, Shropshire is the nearest town which is very small and has no easy pedestrian route from the campus (40+ minute walk). It's really pretty and great if you want a proper country life but if you're looking for a more cosmopolitan university experience this may not suit. There is also one bar and one pub on campus, nice for a drink in the sun and the union throws some great balls. read full review