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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Hartpury University

Education standard is super. It harbours state of the art facilities from where one can get so many benefits such as for research and learning. As an Equine student here and being an Equine Practitioner (Veterinarian), this University has provided me great amount of knowledge and skills so far, that will definitely help me working more skilfully with Equines in future. read full review
Very good experience so far, the campus is amazing, the facilities are great, it is very peaceful.
Near the city center, but in a quiet place in the countryside read full review
Enrolment is always complicated each year, with people on my course all receiving different information etc.

The university admin seem very disorganised.
They change things to IT base but then it is not set up correctly or no one has the training to use it.

Overall the teaching has been good with our course tutors doing a great job. read full review
I came to hartpury for to study my undergraduate BSc Equine Science for which i gained a high 1st class qualification. I then got a job here as a teaching Assistant 2 days per week and therefore that allowed me to do my postgraduate. I love everything about studying at Hartpury. read full review
Overall, the course is a lot of fun and has been a great experience, although a few speed bumps along the way! The teaching is good quality and course content very interesting. Communication with staff has been tricky at times, although they have always listened to feedback and this will hopefully improve in the future. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in Animal Behaviour and/or Welfare. read full review
Very enjoyable university with good quality teaching. Lecturers spend time explaining the processes of dofferent modules and guide you into self study well. Encourage good time management and make tasks simple. read full review
Excellent university campus that has everything available. The tutors are very knowledgable and friendly. The equine facilities at the university are very good and well managed and run. read full review
Sport was fantastic, social life was good. Education was terrible I would not recommend hartpury university to a friend if they wanted a respectable degree and to be given work opportunities read full review