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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Hartpury University

The newly refurbished sports facilities are state of the art, which is critical for my S&C degree. Based on many institutions I have visited, Hartpury's fields, 3G pitches and gym facilities are unrivalled. The equipment we have at our disposal for profiling and testing athletes is fantastic, all of which fit the 'gold standard' for measuring athletes V02 max, jump height, power etc. There are also amazing connections you can make at Hartpury: having moved to the UK from working overseas, I was not expecting to receive the opportunities to work alongside top sports teams such as Gloucester-Hartpury rugby squad, however in a short space of time I was able to coach, train, learn and conduct my research with these athletes.

My only improvements are a personal one - I have pretty severe ADD, and received some good support at the beginning from ASC student services. However, after liaising with the staff about support from the university, I didn't receive any promised additional time for exams/coursework, and my lecturers didn't appear to be aware of my ADD info that ASC should have passed onto them. In summary, just an improved communication between academic staff and ASC would be great. read full review
The facilities for equestrian study are outstanding. I chose to study here based on those and the expertise of the lecturers and staff at the university. The support given personal circumstances whilst studying has been very good and staff are understanding. I do find food options can be limited on weekend days whilst there though. The campus is up to date and clean, easily accessible and in a great location for those travelling in. read full review
Supervisory team super supportive. read full review
My best experience is that, Hartpury university offers wide range of academic support and the facilities are at top-notch. Tutors are working tirelessly to support every single student to make our dream come true and that is something I’ll never forget. However, sometimes getting to and from on-site can be challenging. I am saying this because the bus at Hartpury (swanbrook bus) only accept cash. This is a bit challenging because the school at moment hasn’t got cash machines at the school and if you want to get to town and you have no cash, you’ll never make your journey. There are international students and possibly could be nondrivers. Therefore, for them to access town will be hard with they have no cash machines to redraw money for their journey. This is cannot change, I would recommend the buses to accept credit card to make journeys more reliable instead of making it compulsory or you can’t make your journey.
I am an international student and I have experienced this situation. I will suggest that something is done to this urgently read full review
Sport and equestrian facilities are very good.
I attend on weekends only, therefore campus is quiet. Not much choice with catering options. read full review
A location and campus you won't find anywhere else that really caters to the courses it offers read full review
The location and campus is really nice however, the support received isn’t great. Lectures don’t respond to emails, little academic support. Feedback on assessments is poor. overall a disappointing experience at postgrad level read full review
Lack of support, inadequate learning resources, no information for postgraduate students new to the uni such as a map, moodle (the online system) is useless. Very hard to navigate so any things. read full review
Being an international student I was not given much support concerning my visa and other issues pertaining specifically to international students. read full review
The campus is outstanding both facilities and scenery read full review