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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Hartpury University

It’s been great. The staff are supportive and always want to listen to your ideas and theories. No idea or question seems silly and they actively encourage discussion.
Socially campus is great to meet up at and the city offers many clubs and bars for brilliant nights out. read full review

Coaching Science MSc/PGDip/PGCert


Alexandre Hainault - February 2018

Has been good and will hopefully open doors in the near future. The teaching has been groundbreaking and the best I have ever had. Hartpury had allowed me to study while playing football a typical full time level. read full review
Good experience gained at undergraduate level. High level of teaching. Postgraduate going well and looking forward to more experiences to help with getting a job afterwards read full review
Good it’s ok not bad I like uni and it is fun. I’ve had a good few years here and doing a postgraduate degree which is harder than a normal degree but it is still ok read full review
It has been great. Tutors need to be quicker to reply to important information. Also student services can be slow. Facilities are amazing and tutors are super helpful when you are face to face. Catering is very yummy. read full review

Equestrian Performance MRes


Elin Nersund - January 2018

The experience have been good and I’ve developed as a student and as a person, although I wish I was more prepared before I started. My undergrad course would have benefited from being restructured and the focus should be on providing knowledge that can be applied to the real world and is relevant to the course description - which I found it didn’t sometimes. read full review
Satisfactory, but room for improvement.

-More inclusive societys
-More organisation (administration) needed on the college's part
-More Social events that don't necessarily involve heavy drinking read full review