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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Hult International Business School

Overall my experience was very positive. Most of my professors were engaging, I met fantastic peers, and participated in extra-curriculars. There does seem to be a disjoint in the calibre of students at times however, and students who blatantly disrespect others or fail to produce team work are not reprimanded or held to task by the university. If you're stuck with a difficult team, no additional support will be provided to you except to, 'apply a growth mindset'. read full review
i have friends that have been contacted by the hult before they even finished their bachelor degree. this happened to me as well. when i got contacted they mede me feel special but then i realised it was only a marketing strategy. read full review
Hult has been the best decision I have ever made. It is very international, which is something that encourages a broader learning for everyone, and the courses are very up to date. Is challenging but very enjoyable. read full review
I really recommend Hult for all students who want to create an international network and experience learning and collaborating with students from around the world as well as highly-experienced professors from different nationalities and fields of expertise. read full review
In every single aspect this man is incredibly rude, disrespectful, prejudice and self-centered. Not one class has covered frameworks, during every class he reused old presentations and spoke about completely off track irrelevant subjects, mostly about himself. This is an incredible useful class which I unfortunately do not feel like I’ve even taken! He has said incredible radiant comments about Arabs, Japanese, Russians and other nationalities. He said to an African student regarding housing in England “no we don’t have rats here this isn’t Africa”. At another class he said incredible disgusting things about fetish behavior where he ended the sentence w “yes please make love to my dead body”. Throughly uses profanity in class!

I am left feeling incredibly uncomfortable and disgusted after every single class! I cannot believe we are paying for this behavior!

It is apparent that he doesn’t do his job, as mentioned before- he doesn’t talk about class related subject, he ha said openly in class that he teaches because he will get paid for it and not because he’s passionate. That is fine, but he isn’t doing his job, he is not teaching, he is using the class time to talk nonsense which is completely irrelevant! I am left feeling so uncomfortable to the point of nausea! More so he specifically targets people to attack in class, where he’ll ask questions (again completely off topic and extremely provocative) and yell out the respondents! The environment is so toxic and not the slightest welcoming for discussion to the point where the whole class cannot look him in the eye nor speak!

There’s been several times where he’s asked private and personal things about students income, religious and political beliefs. At more than one occasion he stayed after class for 2+ hours interrupting a groups meeting with questions about each of our address, rent, parents work and income level. He’s added student on personal social media and it’s incredibly uncomfortable because we don’t want to know a teacher at that level! He doesn’t respect boundaries at all!!

I am just plain horrified of the behavior he’s shown. And I have told everyone I know and their reactions are just as horrified! It is beyond me that this is Hult’s level!!!!! Absolutely astonished and incredibly ashamed to go to a uni that associate itself with this kind of behavior! These thing I can’t even imagine telling my parents, that this is what their money is going to. For the premium price, this is not aligned with the reputation of Hult. If this is the standard that Hult sets for its representatives (professors), if this is aligned with Hults image, then you will not mind that student tell of the inappropriate behavior, as you seemingly consent this!
And I will tell my parents, and I will tell my future employers because I’d hate for anyone to endure attending his lectures. So when someone considers Hult and ask me, I will disclose it all.

He’s said some incredibly prejudice things, which in my option is comparable to being a racist. He discriminates, he doesn’t see people- he only sees a religion or a nationality and dumps his prejudice on that. You can try and disguise it but you can’t hide it! He attacked a girl of Russian origin for disagreeing with him over LinkedIn, and his immediate response was that she’s Russian and that’s prohibited in Russia so that’s why she wouldn’t use it or see the value. He never asked her opinion. This is insensitive and false because she’s a UK resident and raised in UK, planning to work in UK. He is very prejudice! read full review
Overall I have already experiment the classes (naturally), the karaoke, the supermarket and the fabulous library. Next week I am going to a sport training, certainly to the rowing. read full review



Student Reviewer - April 2014

The experience so far has been great but can improve on eye-candies
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