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Hult International Business School

By ,Written on May 27 , 2021

Global One-Year MBA

Overall Rating

Overall my experience was very positive. Most of my professors were engaging, I met fantastic peers, and participated in extra-curriculars. There does seem to be a disjoint in the calibre of students at times however, and students who blatantly disrespect others or fail to produce team work are not reprimanded or held to task by the university. If you're stuck with a difficult team, no additional support will be provided to you except to, 'apply a growth mindset'.

Uni Facilities

Post graduate campus is beautiful, new, and very clean. Classrooms and study areas are well laid out. Only issue is that it is extremely small, with only one cafe and no physical library or gym.

Course and Lecturers

Job Prospects

Career services are extremely hands on, and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Student Support

Access to tutors, professors and mental health staff is fantastic. All staff get to know your name and take a vested interest in your academic career.

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