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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at King's College London, University of London

Beautiful buidling and convenient location.

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Hoping for providing more study room. read full review
Best: cares about students’ mental health
Worst: need studnets be self-determination read full review
It is a beautiful and well established university. Bust support for students could be improved. read full review
This year has been the hardest year for me as an MA student. KCL has done a brilliant job at transferring everyone online and making resources and faculties available online. But I think more needed to be done to support students mental health and financial wellbeing.

After graduating from my BA in a pandemic, I felt very overwhelmed, constantly burnt out and not as engaged as I went straight into my MA course. It all felt very surreal and undervalued in the midst of COVID-19 - especially as my university is based in London.

Overall, my academic year has been a real struggle to get through and I’m still trying my hardest to keep with the workload and give in essays with extended deadlines. But the lack of motivation and sense of academic achievement this year has been completely zero. Ultimately, I don’t feel I got the university experience and academic motivation I paid with my university loan - definitely not value for my money. It many ways I wish I had deferred this year and waited to see how universities would deal with the pandemic, especially with the lack of support from the Government. read full review
It has been good, but probably not as good as it would have been if it weren't for covid restrictions. Was difficult to make connections with the lecturers and staff. read full review
The admin team can be very difficult to contact. It isn't easy to get any administration issues resolved, they may never get resolved unless it's to do with tuition or stopping you from starting placements. However, lecturers are very supportive and easily reachable by email. read full review