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Kingston University

By ,Written on Jan 27 , 2021

Computer Animation MA

Overall Rating

Kingston University did not grant any refund to me when I found out their classes are only 2 days a week and house facilities are so poor that to deal with drainage, I had to resort to measures myself especially during the lockdown with zero access to any tools. My mental health crashed during the 4 months I was indoors and the university did not compensate a penny to me despite asking nicely a hundred times since during the time, my father also lost his job. I’m no millionaire, Kingston University. Besides the one instructor I had, Richard, everyone else was way below subpar in communication which is why when I asked for a refund of at least 50%, they said I had passed my deadline for asking for a refund. This university only takes your money and doesn’t give you any quick response. They asked me to produce industry-level standard from projects when they should have mentioned that prior to accepting my enrollment. This university is nothing but a scam to those seeking placement since many students are stuck indoors applying nonstop only for the university saying that they’ll advise students on CV’s but not help with anything further than that. Every time My classmates and I asked our professors for help, they asked us to look it up. What are we paying tuition for? For you to take our money and run? You claim to provide a lot of help for mental health and diversity but that does not match up with the amount of ignorance you show towards students. This university is nothing but a disgrace. Do not go here if you plan to enroll. It’s a money making scheme.

Student Union

Clubs and Societies


No help for cleanliness and not safe

Uni Facilities

No help, no access, poor help from admin. Emails come late and no refunds are done. Money making scheme.

Course and Lecturers

City Life

Job Prospects

Hardly any students have received jobs. Theyre rotting in their rooms because of false promises from the university

Student Support

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