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Lancaster University

By ,Written on Jan 18 , 2020

Materials Science MSc by Research

Overall Rating

Really good do love the uni and the surrounding areas. This all contributed to be staying for a masters degree here and potentially a PhD! The learning environment is amazing and the social is second to none!

Student Union

Dealing with the student union is a pain as there is so much confusion with who deals with what and no one can give you a straight answer. However the facilities and funding provided are amazing and some of the best in the country from my opinion

Clubs and Societies

Really good I have been involved in 3 different sports teams over my 4 years here and have loved every one. I have also been heavily involved with one as president, secretary, social secretary.

Uni Facilities

Really good, there is constant building work going on to improve and maintain facilities. A new sports hall is being built and a gym has just been complete. For departments a new engineering building is being built which will benefit me greatly.

Course and Lecturers

I like the personal method of being taught - being able to go and talk to my lectures when ever I need help. I dislike the method of notes being taken as this changes greatly over each subject- for example maths provide full notes (waste of paper) whereas engineering only provide online slides.

City Life

Yep the distance allows me to walk or cycle giving me a great start to the day and a nice relaxing destress at the end. It is a short walk in to town where all the shops are and the bars of course!

Job Prospects

The base (the uni's career department) have been really helpful providing feedback on cvs, cover letters and interview techniques. They have successfully helped me get two internships over the course of my degree.

Student Support

I have not needed any personal support in my time at uni so can not comment however the academic support is excellent. Meeting with a tutor once per term and my supervisor every week allows for progression to be seen easily.

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