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Lancaster University

By ,Written on Feb 10 , 2020

Creative Writing with English Literary Studies MA

Overall Rating

i have struggled over my time at uni with mental health difficulties that have stemmed from different causes but at the same time i have made some good friends, had some fun experiences, learnt a lot and been supported by so many people that i'd recommend to others the benefits of going to university in general as well as recommending Lancaster University. even the city of Lancaster offers a lot for potential future students.

Student Union

I have not used the service that often to know a lot about it but from what i have heard about and experienced i think it does very well to support students/staff and accommodate their needs as well as helping to resolve issues and to further improve their services.

Clubs and Societies

though i have not been involved in any of these i have looked into many and think the variety is more than adequate to cater for anyone though as times change new activities become more popular and i think the university does well to adapt to the ever changing culture.

Uni Facilities

The facilities are great. it would be good if there were more computer study spaces other than the library as many study spaces are for quiet study and don't have these devices which is annoying due to how quick the library spaces fill up. the eating establishments on campus are reasonable. variety of options to suit all. perhaps these could improve with longer opening times as well as having more eat-in spaces.

Course and Lecturers

I like that there is a balance between tutor lecturing and class discussions allows for input from all. it also breaks up one continuous strand of teaching. I don't like the way set readings are managed because i personally am a slow reader and so the set ups don't work for me and i find myself attending classes having not read the materials and feeling inadequate or i don't attend at all for this reason. Reading material should be made more accessible or adapted for those with learning difficulties.

City Life

It is a bit far out from the city centre but the bus service is great. fairly reliable. its nice to be away from the bustle of city living. scenic.

Job Prospects

There are a number of resources available for all to access both personally and with the help and support of staff. I think careers events that are set up further promote the resources as sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to get help when there are so many options.

Student Support

the support offered from all areas is great. due to mental health difficulties i have needed support and have been assisted where needed.

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