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Leeds Arts University

By ,Written on Feb 26 , 2020

MA Graphic Design

Overall Rating

My overall uni experience, has been very good. The facilities at LAU are some of the best I’ve seen. My only issues are with the taught sessions we have on the MA and if some of them are relevant to ALL of the MA students or just some, it seems to be a waste of time for a lot of us. The uni also doesn’t have an SU that has a kind of social area, it seems more like an office, there isn’t a bar or an area you can go to socialise with friends or other courses that you may not interact with otherwise. I think there could potentially be more collaboration with BA and MA courses here as they are all very talented.

Student Union

Very good, a lot of interaction with postgrad students

Clubs and Societies

There isn’t that many that I’ve been made aware of on postgrad, but this could be that it hasn’t been promoted to us

Uni Facilities

Very good, digital print facilities are amazing however the process in terms of booking appointments towards deadline day has let me down a few times in the sense you have to have a slot or you can’t get any help with print, cost is low and there is a variety of services offered.

Course and Lecturers

On postgrad graphics, we have a session on a Thursday where we are mixed with other courses. This session does not suit any of the graphics students on there and only seems to cater for the fine art students. It’s pointless to me as a graphic designer. There is also not a consistent amount of tutorials about actual work but I think this is a staffing issue. However My tutorials are all very knowledgable about their areas and can always help me with work. The email communication of this uni is very difficult I find a lot of people heading the course never get back to me with regards to trying to initiate collaboration with other courses, we aren’t allowed direct contact with other courses emails and have to go through around three people before getting anywhere this can be very frustrating when you need to speak to other students.

City Life


Job Prospects

Love briefs are sent via email that are always paid so that’s always helpful in terms of getting practice and getting used to industry requirements. Not that many work placements being offered or promoted at postgrad

Student Support

Feedback seems to take a long time considering there are only 9 people on our course. The feedback was written and not actually discussed in person which is very different from the way my BA was taught, the MA is not a classified degree but it would still be helpful I think to have 1 to 1 feedback

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