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Leeds Beckett University

By ,Written on Apr 25 , 2019

MA Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Overall Rating

My university experiences thus far have been good. I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time at Leeds, and it has gone by so fast. I am still discovering all the opportunities that university offers me.

Student Union

I think the student is doing a great job. I was quite surprised with the number of clubs and societies we have as well as how seriously the some students take it.

I do not get involved in the students' union because I simply do not have the time. I have heard from other students, that most of the events that they have does not pan out very well. Students have a connotation that any events made my the university would have restrictions in compared to the events happening outside university. Overall, I do not really see the whole point in getting involved when I could spend my time, working part time and earning

Clubs and Societies

There are different clubs and societies and they are divided into academic or culture.
I am part of the international student society. I personally would say that is a great thing to be apart of. Being in a club not only bring you fun but it creates like a bond with people who are experiencing the same ups and down like you. It gives you the opportunity to network and be friends with people from your country and also around the globe.

Other clubs such as the sports carnegie held social events every 2 weeks and even trips for the hard work that has been paid off throughout the semester.

Overall, it is a place for one to belong


I live in university halls by Leeds Beckett University. I picked any accommodation that was relatively close to university. It is located about 6 minutes away by walking which makes it super convenient for me to go and study in the library whenever I please. My accommodation comprises on ensuites and you could be living with about 4-6 other flatmates where you share the kitchen and the living room. The accommodation comes with a gym, study rooms and common room for entertainment with foosball table, a small collection of books to read, play station, movie projector and a pool table. The accommodation team regularly host events such as quiz nights, awareness week, festival celebrations, pancakes day, pamper week and so on.

Uni Facilities

To me, Leeds Beckett facilities are good but this solely depends on the campus you are in.
Headingley campus has amazing for students who are so interested in sports. We have a bigger gym, track, football, rugby, indoor swimming pools and tennis courts.

In the city campus, I feel that they are good as well. We do have similar facilities (not including the outdoor sports facilities) but it is a smaller scale than the ones at headingley such as the library and the gym.

Course and Lecturers

I really like how my course is more on practical work than theory. I would say that it is 70% practical and 30% theory. I am required to attend one class for lecture, 2 hours and the other two hours would be open for discussion, consultations and feedback which I think is great for a more hands-on experience.
My course has a lot of projects where students are able to work in collaboration with a real life client to present ideas for their company. Not only do we get to work for well known companies such as IKEA but the course definitely opens up a door for networking, recognition and opportunities. The course really gives us a feel of what the working environment is and it is great to be able to put that on your CV and have the company validate that.
Another thing I like most about the course is the talks and speakers that come to visit Leeds Beckett. This semester alone, my lecturer had scheduled about one guest speaker per week to talk about their working life and tips on how to be successful in the field. As mentioned above, it gives us the opportunity to take notes, learn, and improve and possibly network with them.

The least thing I like about my course is probably the class time spent on lecture when there is no final examination. I am not saying it is pointless but 2 hour lecture is sometimes too lengthy.

City Life

To me, the city life in Leeds is the best! I live in the city, very close to city campus, grocery shops , fast food, takeaway, cinemas, cafes, shopping center, musuems, pubs and clubs and even the train station and bus station. This is probably the number one reason leeds is great and it is no surprise that my friends who study in Hertforshire, Nottingham and Greenwich agrees with me as well!
Some people immediately have the perception that living in the city is really expensive in comparison to living in Headingley. I believe it is true but if your number one priority is accessibility like myself, then city is the best place.

I am all about budgeting and saving money as well and it amazes people when I say that it is really possible to do that in city. Like instead of shopping in morrisons, shop at Aldi and iceland. One can never be bored in the city because there is simply so much to do for a price or even for free.

Job Prospects

Honestly, I feel the university likes to promote the careers department but I do not think that they are of any help. Leeds Beckett University likes to highlight that they are the university to go to as the percentage of graduates getting employed is very high since they provide services such as helping you with your CV, Cover Letter, Interviews, Finding jobs for you but to me I feel this services are overly exaggerated. I chose Leeds Beckett due to my course having a placement module. I am struggling to find a placement because when I consulted the department, there are no listed placement under my course but there are ample for specific courses such as business and finance.

Student Support

I think the university offers great support.

Let me share my experience academically with my tutors and supervisors. My group project consisted on a formal presentation with a client and a report. My tutor would always have regular meetings with the group not only to see progress and give advice on improvement but also to check up on us as students with balancing university life. They always provide their support and are always available through email and are always open to meetings as they make the time for you.
Before the final presentation, our tutors would always schedule a dress rehearsal (not graded) to give feedback on how to delivery, what to cut down, what to omit or change and I think that this is super helpful because they want us to succeed.

Another example of support academically is when I was doing my proposal for my dissertation. I had experience a really bad gum infection and I was on antibiotics for 7 days which made me really weak, nauseous and drowsy. I was in the library late at 1am doing working on my proposal for submission and my lecturer advice me that I could apply for an extension due to my medical reason. I think the support was really helpful although in the end i did not take the extension

As for personal, i think they are exceptional. In January, I was having random breakdowns probably due to homesickness, feeling very lonesome and lost. I was able to make an appointment seeking help. i attended my appointment and it was so helpful to know that there is someone to provide their assistance. i just had that one appointment but till today they still check up on me via email to check up on me and also remind me that they are always there to help.

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