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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Leeds Beckett University

Overall, Leeds Beckett University in Headingley is amazing, we have many facilities to learn and resources to use at the campus. However, We could have more prayer rooms and more variety of food. More Halal options and sandwiches. read full review
Leeds Beckett University is a great place to study because there is a lot of support and people there help you if you are in any difficulties. read full review
The environment, Leeds is a very welcoming city where you can be anyone or anything and everyone is very accepting. The university compounds this by also being a very understanding and accepting university that is happy it help with any issue you might be facing. The facility's available to students are great and you can fully take advantage of everything they have to offer. I would recommend Leeds Becketts to anyone thinking about further education. read full review
I am situated on the headingly campus which has a large range of bars and restaurants within a 10 minute walk away! The course is great and all the lectures and seminars are really helpful and educating. There is a lot of school based placement which you must consider when applying for this course. When your friends are out partying in the week that arnt on your course, you will have to stay in and go to sleep early as you will have to be at your placement at 8am every day. Don’t let this put you off though as this is a very rewarding course. If doing this course I would also recommend staying on campus at Carnegie village for your accommodation. This accommodation although a little more pricey is so close to everything you need. It is also very safe and secure. read full review
Amazing facilities & great student support, with a great location for social & sporting events. read full review
Leeds Beckett University Headingly Campus is a great place to study because for one the views of the campus are just fantastic. Every time I arrive on campus, I am in awe every time just how beautiful the campus is overall. There are many facilities provided throughout the university in which I have used and found incredibly. The study rooms in the library are one of my favourite facilities to use due to the fact its secluded and there's no worries of disturbing anyone else or distractions unless it's your friends. What I feel the uni could mainly improve is the access to a variety of things such as transport as I currently use two modes of transport just to get onto campus which takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also, more easy access to study rooms wold be more beneficial as well as promoting a lot of opportunities for student gatherings and events. read full review
I always feel safe on Campus and not feel intimidated or discriminated against by anyone read full review
Headingley campus is lovely, the library is a great place to study and I feel there is support available to me whenever I need it. My accommodation is a really nice place to stay (Carnegie village) and its close to bars and pubs in Headingley and a short taxi/ bus into Leeds. read full review