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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Leeds Trinity University

The university is modern with idyllic grounds all over, and it is located in one of the nicest areas in Leeds.

The library’s facilities are modern and the collection of books and academic journals for research are top notch. There’s also great support from the Learning Hub for those who are both experienced and inexperienced in writing a research.

One of the best parts of the university is the chapel — very welcoming and a great refuge. There are also places of worship for other denominations. read full review
The location is great, in the countryside but with the lovely town of Horsforth (including train station) within easy walking distance. It's a nice quiet campus, but the student union are always organising events and there is a great vibe in the University. There is tonnes of student support that can be accessed by anyone, and their essay writing guidance is amazing. Other facilities such as the gym and the cafes are great too, there is plenty of choice for any craving or budget! Some of my fellow students and I love the £2 for a healthy hot meal offer that they do, it's a bargain and always delicious!
I also studied the final year of my degree here, and even though graduation was during difficult Covid times, the University did everything they could to make it special. I'm so glad that I chose this University for my studies, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. read full review
The university is very welcoming and the professors are very accommodating. Being an international student always hold some challenges; but being a part of Leeds Trinity University takes that burden off your shoulders.

There is nothing worst about university. Yes there is always room for improvement but I have not been into that situation where I thought that I needed help from outside the university. So far so good. read full review
Coming from doing my Undergraduate Degree at a different University, I noticed the difference in the help that is given to students, especially new ones. I was told things that I never knew in the past 3 years, and those things have gone a long way to helping me, and making some parts of academic life much simpler.
The feel of the University is more familiar and less impersonal, everything is easier to find and the people who work there are all very helpful. As an MA student, having a course that works along side my skin has been invaluable.
The evening lectures two days a weeks that does not change it’s days or times semesters to semesters has meant I can get a job that works alongside my MA and no just a job to tide me over whilst I do my MA. read full review
The staff at the University are so suppportive. They really have the students best interests at the forefront of everything they do. The campus is friendly and inviting due it's smaller size. The whole university has a very welcoming atmosphere. read full review
Personally It is an ideal place to study as there are always lectures to help and support you. The library is filled with enough resources to help with assignments or teaching resources. The staff are lovely and friendly.

Improvements would be that you can not get any mobile signal anywhere and campus, the wifi is okay but sometimes doesn't reach all areas aon campus for instant the laundry room, For myself i like to work in their as its a new area to just get lost into my assignments, however with no wifi or data signal it is a little hard to do work. read full review
The lecturers and staff are really helpful and make lessons interesting and engaging. read full review
Supportive tutors
A well kept campus
Scenic surrounding areas read full review
For me the uni is local, as a mature student been a short commute and great for both undergraduate and PG.
Supported throughout lockdowns, services are amazing my future, learning hub and the library read full review
Incredible university who put the heart of the student at the forefront of all decisions. The lecturers are amazing and the additional support on offer is second to none. I love studying here! read full review