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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Liverpool John Moores University

The jist is obvious here it needs work, in just about every field. The only help ive received was tutors picking up on my upset and offering support were counselling services failed. read full review



Isabel Ballesteros Lockyer - November 2018

I have only been at Liverpool John Moores University for three months but, I have to say, I am absolutely loving th experience, the city and most of all my course. It's great! read full review
a complete waste of my time, spent more time trying to be a student at LJMU than actually being one because admissions and library staff have no sense. like getting an email to do a task, after the task was already meant to have been done, typical of the 2 teams mentioned, utterly useless. read full review
The study was good but the process to get certificated is complicated to the nationals. read full review
Been here 4 years it has been a mixed experience read full review
Enjoy the time in uni, meeting new people, joining different societies read full review