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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London

By ,Written on Apr 02 , 2019

Public Health MSc

Overall Rating

The university experience has been great - very different to a typical undergraduate experience but it feels as though we are at a centre of exciting research and surrounded by likeminded, intelligent and approachable people. It's been one of the best years of my life so far.

Student Union

I don't get involved - the Student's Union is the University of London union which feels quite separate to LSHTM. I think because it's a postgraduate university the union doesn't feature much.

Clubs and Societies

The clubs and societies are generally with the University of London Union - I am not involved and don't know what they are like. LSHTM has some student groups for those interested in specific research areas - such as Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health. These groups often host interesting events.

Uni Facilities

The facilities are very good - the main building is modern and light and there is always enough study space. There's also two good cafes, bike racks, showers and a scenic library.

Course and Lecturers

What I like most is that the course is intensive - there are a lot of contact hours which means that students get as much as possible out of the year. What I like least is that for the subjects that we learn in the first term we are not examined until seven months later.

City Life

City life is great, but I'm from London so I am used to how hectic it is. I think it can be a bit overwhelming for people who are not used to being here. But if you throw yourself into everything London has to offer it's a lot of fun - though very expensive!

Job Prospects

The university has a great careers service with regular workshops and talks by people from various industries. It holds careers fairs and students can book one-to-one appointments for more personalised advice. It also provides transferrable skills training (such as Excel).

Student Support

The support is excellent - the small size of the university means that each student gets a lot of staff attention. Everyone has a personal tutor who provides academic and pastoral support. The university has a very good counselling service which provides free sessions to those in need and runs a free mindfulness course.

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