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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London

The best is probably the location it's next to the British Museum and it's super accessible with various tube stops near it.

Inside the facility, I would say there are very few windows, for example in the cafeteria, there are no windows that bring in natural light in. There are almost no private study or meeting rooms. read full review
Excellent quality of teaching and a wide range of modules available. Glad I chose this university over Imperial College MPH.
The campus itself is well located but a lot of the rooms are in the basement and the lecture theatres are cramped! read full review
For me the best things about LSHTM include the fantastic lecturers, the range of modules to choose from and the library.

Things that could be improved include the facilities - for example, the lecture theatre is uncomfortable with impractical tables and most seminar rooms don’t have access to plug sockets, the social spaces aren’t very nice and the food and coffee offering across the campus is limited. read full review
My time at LSHTM has been the absolute best 4 years! All the teachers are quite brilliant and you won't get a better education anywhere else! Small school with a massive global impact! read full review
the best - to learn from the experts and build a network with incredible and experienced people from the field.
Im enjoying everything at school so far. it was a really intensive 1-year course but everything worths read full review
It's a great school with a lot of international prestige and reputation. However, things as basic as grants for students to attend international conferences are not available. I find that we do not have access to some journals. read full review
The accessibility overall is what makes this a great place to study. We have access to the expertise of some the world's top professionals in the field of various disciplines such as public health and neglected tropical diseases. The location of the school is also in Central London and a short walk to the British Museum. It has a very family atmosphere with professors that actually care about your well-being. Although, it may be easy to miss LSHTM if not attentive when you are walking in the area because it is a smaller school and may be overshadowed by the UCL campus just a few minute walk away. read full review
LSHTM exceeded my expectations. I came here for an educational opportunity and a degree, and I am gaining way more. Super interesting classmates, wonderful people, engaging curriculum, being taught by world-leading experts in the field, and so much more. read full review
LSHTM is a great place to study. It is such an international school, making it an incredible experience. The staff are often leaders in their field and are really supportive and helpful. The facilities are very good, especially with COVID-19 as most lectures are now livestreamed for those who cannot join in person on the day. There are lots of study spaces throughout the building. The only improvement would be if there were clubs and societies. However, there are centres that students can get involved in and plenty of academic events to attend. The workload is tough but it is a great learning experience and there are student supports in place if it becomes too much. Overall, I can't recommend LSHTM highly enough! read full review
The great things about LSHTM are its reputation, opportunities for networking and cool location.

The library could remain open for longer. read full review