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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at London School of Planning and Management

Happy to hear you had a great experience Martina however, I can't say the same. First of all, the online library and material they provide is not really efficient in my opinion. Secondly, I always had to wait at least one month to get a feedback about my assignments (while repeatedly reminding them). I did my best to complete the course within a year in order to start Stage 2 through Arden University, and even in this occasion it took them 7 months to send me the Diploma. This is not the end, I asked them whether I had to contact the University directly however, LSPM assured that they were going to forward my documentation to the University. Two months later, after not hearing neither from LSPM nor Arden University I reached out for explanations and their response was that “it is mandatory for the students to make an application directly with the University and to accept their apologies for the delay”. I waisted 9 months which I could have invested in the studies. Not to think about the money invested in this institution which is not serious, competent, nor reliable. Just an advice, those who think about starting their online course with LSPM please think twice.
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