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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Loughborough University London

My university experience at Loughborough University London so far has been fantastic. Everyday I'm being immersed in the topics that I came here to study and being challenged to go out and learn as much as I can. read full review
The university offers a lot of things to everyone.
From learning new modules to playing sports.
There is a good culture among the students and everyone makes it a point to be very friendly.
My overall experience would be very good. read full review
Overall good with good networking opportunities. Being based in London there is a lot of benefits students can take up offered by the university. The student reps are great. read full review
Really amazing! I look forward to recommend more students from my country. The staff is very supportive and willing to help the students. The university always strives to make the student experience better by taking feedback and bringing changes. read full review
Best uni experience I have ever had. Glad I joined this university over others. Studying in the best sports university in the world makes me very happy and proud. read full review
Being based in London offers plenty of possibilities. Moreover, the supervision team is helpful, responsive and supportive academically and otherwise. Other aspects are deficient. As an example, being Loughborough the world leader in sport, we are provided with no sports facilities or activities. read full review
Hasn’t been as lively as I expected, only know people who I met on a course before joining the university. Certain pieces of information I was hoping to be sign posted to has not occurred yet such as financial and foreign language opportunities read full review
Totally, I got many learning outcome through this university. A wide range of events and workshops are hold almost every week. Also, classes are well structured by great lectures. I believe that Students can maximise their ability in this environment, if they do their best. read full review
The university of the year and it's well known for very high ranks in student's experience. I really enjoy being a student in the university, it's a very good experience and people here are very friendly and easy to talk to. read full review
My university experience has been very enjoyable so far - easily meeting my expectations. The course has been intellectually stimulating, and it has been exciting being at Here East in the Olympic Park. read full review