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Loughborough University London

By ,Written on Feb 26 , 2019

MSc Sport Business and Leadership Degree

Overall Rating

Totally, I got many learning outcome through this university. A wide range of events and workshops are hold almost every week. Also, classes are well structured by great lectures. I believe that Students can maximise their ability in this environment, if they do their best.

Student Union

Not, because it seems like not active in this campus.

Clubs and Societies

Loughborough Rugby Club is the team I'm supporting, even it is located in main campus, since I'm rugby person. They are our proud.

Another one is Loughborough London Enterprise team. I often participate the events organised by that team. The organisers are really friendly and passionate, also, supportive practically. Their work is outstanding.

Uni Facilities

Almost satisfied. New building, technology equipments are available for 24/7.
But sometimes I felt badly, since lecturer does not care about the room light. If it become senser light, it's briliant.

Course and Lecturers

most: We can learn a lot from forefront professionals voice and environment
least: Dissertation preparation class should be considerable.

City Life

Beautiful. I like this city, mix of urban and nature. Especially in sports students, here is special place, since Olympic park and Stadium are right there. We can feel it everytime.
Additionally, the access to city of London or wherever Europe is simplly easy.

Job Prospects

Insane. They provided the number of opportunities like workshop with forefront proffesionals, field study at world class sports environment, competition with other briliant university and indivisual work consultant.
Also, dissertation would be one of best way to increase employability, since it can include internship with great partners.

Student Support

Every tutors always try to do their best, so we can learn a lot. and The online university website can manage everything about module, it makes our study and communication with lecturer, including feedback, in each assignment more easier and efficiently.
Career support is relly helpful. We can ask knowlegeful staff about self future career. I personally like the 1 on 1 counselling since it solves a lot of things in short term.

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