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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Manchester Metropolitan University

There are some very good subject specialists on this course and several good tutors. The two-hour timescale for lectures/workshops for those studying a two-year part-time MA did prove restrictive, though I have benefited from some positive experiences. In addition, student cohort was varied and positive.
The course will get you into a writing habit and during workshops you may find yourself writing up to 5,000 words per week for critique. If you are a ‘pantser’ this works to your advantage. If you are hoping to focus on format, structure, voice or exploring the age-range and market you are writing for, you would need to do so through your own research and self-directed learning.
I studied for the Writing for Children and Young Adults MA. The course felt weighted towards writing for older readers and YA rather than Middle Grade or Younger readers as the characteristics of writing for these audiences are significantly different.

Possibly because this course is a departure from the original MA, I felt it’s not yet found focus and structure. ‘Reading Children’s Books Two’, for example, preceded Reading Children’s Books One. Studying early children’s literature serves as a foundation for understanding the routes of children’s literature, but to study it in the second year, when the focus was on developing a contemporary piece of literature, diverted attention from the dissertation.

The dissertation is self-directed study with three tutorials. The submission date falls in September. If problems arise prior to submission, those developing a sustained piece of writing had no access to supervisor feedback prior to submission of the dissertation. The feedback I received for my dissertation was less than 300 words. It didn’t feel enough to direct any future learning or make decisions about the future of my writing. read full review
Disappointing. Most lecturers are focused on their undergrads and postgrads are mostly ignored. Felt out of place and overwhelmed for the majority of the course. read full review
Very poor. Wish I had continued my study at my old university where I felt included, welcomed and helped. Although I enjoyed the partnership with the field studies council, every other aspect was awful. The administrator has been wonderful and supportive. read full review