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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Manchester Metropolitan University

Very poor. Wish I had continued my study at my old university where I felt included, welcomed and helped. Although I enjoyed the partnership with the field studies council, every other aspect was awful. The administrator has been wonderful and supportive. read full review
Not generally positive. Some lectures you needed a script to understand. Very inconsistent teaching. A few great ones but most bad. When issues raised there seems to be little willingness to change. Supervisor for project was great. read full review
Terrible, biggest waste of money and time. Wish I had never attended. No feedback, poor lessons, contradicting advice, uninspiring and very few modules relate to work place read full review

Biological Recording MSc


Mmu Student (Anon) - September 2017

Very disappointed.
Waste of money and time.
Makes me question if I really want to work in this field.
No support or feedback.
No social groups or student representation.
No disability or career service.
Made to feel part time is not as good as full time.
No link or support from other campuses.
Skills learnt are vague and not applicable to work life.
Have to pay for an extension due to lack of support to meet deadlines. read full review