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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Manchester Metropolitan University

The University buildings are beautiful, the resources and the support is very good read full review
Honestly, I feel extremely grateful to my university for the experience it's provided. Ever since applying, receiving my offer, and starting the course in September 2021, I've had a blast.
I absolutely love the campus with its modern buildings and impressive infrastructure, as well as how most of them are so close together. Academic and wellbeing guidance is very insightful and have found the course content to be engaging. Also, this university has offered me the opportunity to meet amazing people, not only from my Clinical Psychology course but also from other faculties and programs! Also, I'm truly appreciative of the work opportunities which are provided via Jobs4Students to work part-time on-campus.

The only aspects which would need to be improved would be the following. First off, timetabling issues can be a little awkward with either last-minute room changes for some sessions, large gaps between sessions, or even no opportunity to have a break in between lectures for lunch etc. Also, when working for Jobs4Students, occasionally it can be stressful to deal with arriving at the meeting sites and not finding a staff member there, due to not being informed of changes. read full review
It has amazing facilities and equipment. Staff are very friendly and helpful. There are some glitches sometimes, especially with timetables but university is fixing them as soon as possible. read full review
The best is the course program and the professors who teach my course. The worst is the lack of communication from the university before starting the program. read full review
Class timings can be better read full review