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Met Film School

By ,Written on Aug 02 , 2018

MA Directing

Overall Rating

My time at MetFilm School is unparalleled. The ability to learn filmmaking by award-winning industry professionals and get to meet students who turn out to be amazing people who are incredibly passionate and talented. I loved being able to work on professional projects utilising the school's facilities for work both on the school's premises and outside. This has been the best education I've encountered anywhere; if only the MA Directing course was two years instead of one.

Uni Facilities

Course and Lecturers

The practical and hands-on approach to filmmaking meant less time spent reading books and more time getting experience with storytelling, directing actors, experiment with visuals, etc. This was absolutely phenomenal, and meant I could create a short film with industry professionals for my grad project.

What I liked least about the course is that it's only focused on directing, due to it being a one-year MA. I would've loved to spend time in other departments of the industry closely related to directing, e.g. acting, producing, etc. to learn and understand their way of thinking first hand.

City Life

MetFilm School is located in Ealing in West London. You are in the city centre in roughly half-an-hour by tube, where you can find anything you could want... it is London after all.

Job Prospects

MetFilm Futures has been created to give students career advice, help with CVs, job applications, etc. and helped me land my first job within a month of graduating.

Student Support

The support offered by MetFilm School is great, as long as you know that you have to request it; help will be given to those who ask for it. Whether it's related to course work, personal projects, help with networking, or personal matters, there's always somebody who can help you.

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