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Met Film School

By ,Written on Apr 17 , 2019

MA Directing

Overall Rating

I personally loved Met and even though it has its own downfalls (as any school does), I would highly recommend the course I attended! Met is a practical school where you get to enhance your skills and collaborate with other future industry members. The school is what you make it and if you are willing to grab every opportunity accessible, you will not be disappointed!

Uni Facilities

Being uniquely based on film studio grounds, Met has its own studio that students get to use even for personal projects if in collaboration with a cine student. This is an insane asset! Personally I would wish for more study/meeting space as the cafeteria is always packed and there is no library to speak of. Met is still a growing school but in what it lacks they offer access to University of West London's facilities. The deal Met recently made with Procam is one of the many improvements that the school is constantly under.

Course and Lecturers

The structure of the MA program worked really well for me; starting from theory to bring everyone on the same level and then delving straight into practical work. We got to work with actors, dollys, industry professionals... The only thing I would say has room for improvement is the structure of the Industry Projects, as my year was a record high number of projects and the school wasn't quite ready to accommodate this unexpected event. Communication in this module wasn't clear, differing from all other modules.

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City Life

London is a great city with something for everyone. Ealing is not exactly in the center of attention but Central line takes you to Soho easy peasy.

Job Prospects

Met is an extremely practical university and offers career advice and a mailing list of job opportunities in the industry, not only for students but also alumni. The courses prepare you for working on a professional film set with professional equipment.

Student Support

My tutor offered amazing support all through my uni life and even after! I was able to get one-on-one sessions to discuss projects and even my future after graduation. I know Met also offers technical support for editing, sound, anything that the students ask for really. They also have an in-house therapist available for students through booking.

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