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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Met Film School

MA Post Production


Student Reviewer - June 2014

When I think of my course I think it was worthwhile, when I think of the college as a whole the only thing that comes to me is 'Money hungry'.

For me Met Film School was mainly positive however I know it was a very different case for others. I took part in a 6 month intensive course in digital animation, my lecturer was brilliant, he had years of experience working on big high profile films and his showreel was brilliant.

The description online for my course was written by the college and without checking with my lecturer, it promised programs and lessons on areas completely different to his field.

From the aspect of my lecturer it really was worth it however this was mainly due to the fact we had 7 people in my course so the college was making a profit on that particular course. Many other courses were being cut down to shorter days, smaller rooms, less facilities and even less days in the week because of a smaller class size.

They were absolutely no help in finding accommodation, which really was a difficulty as an international student. Before I moved over to England I emailed and asked how a student would get set up, what did they have in place to help. They avoided the questions repeatedly and when they couldn't avoid it anymore just stopped replying to my emails altogether.

In general the course was good for me, expensive but enjoyable and worthwhile.
However if you have a small class size you may get shorter times, have inexperienced lecturers and overall a far less valuable time. They will try to cut the costs of the course as much as possible going completely away from what is promised. One such class was cut from 5 days a week to 4 days and was given a lecturer who admittedly only learned the specific software in a night class and had no experience.
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