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Northumbria University, Newcastle

By ,Written on Feb 25 , 2019

International Development MSc

Overall Rating

I am enjoying it so far. I don't have any major complaints, to be honest. Northumbria are doing a very good job. My main problem would be the timetabling, as discussed. I would prefer this to be more fragmented. But perhaps this is just my personal opinion.

Student Union

I don't get involved much, as I live at home and am subject to the last bus home being quite early. I would like it if more societies engaged in more daytime activities.

Clubs and Societies

I would prefer it if the clubs did more daytime activities, but other than that they seem good.

Uni Facilities

Very good. The library is excellent, and the availability of PC facilities is far better than other unis I have experienced.

Course and Lecturers

I like that the course is taught in workshops (i.e., a blended approach to lectures and seminars). This is especially given that the usefulness of lectures is being increasingly questioned. I would, however, prefer the the timetable be more fragmented. Presently, it is taught in two three hour blocks. A three hour sitting is, for me, and seemingly for most others on the course, too long for a single session.

City Life

Excellent. I love Newcastle!

Job Prospects

We have had a single session on potential career paths with an International Development MSc.

Student Support

There is plentiful support available. I have been very impressed so far.

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