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Northumbria University, Newcastle

By ,Written on Feb 28 , 2019

Psychology MSc

Overall Rating

I am thoroughly enjoying my university experience here. There is a lot of support from staff and peers and I enjoy the city life itself. There is a lot of different opportunities which Northumbria provides for its students.

Student Union

Students' Union has a lot of activities and social events to partake in. I don't myself since I am studying a masters and have a part-time job alongside this as well as volunteering so I simply don't have the time. However, there is a lot to do and if I had different circumstances I would definitely get involved.

Clubs and Societies

There is a high amount of different clubs and societies which individuals have the opportunity to partake in.

Uni Facilities

The universities facilities are clean and well kept. There are many different toilets including unisex toilets which I believe to be a very inclusive aspect of the university. The café and shops are well priced and have a vast amount of useful products.

Course and Lecturers

I like how informal they are and there is a lot of discussion within class creating a more hands on environment instead of just the lecturer speaking at you for two hours.

City Life

Newcastle's city life is amazing. There is a lot to do and everything is within walking distance. The university is placed right near to the city centre, only taking 5 minutes to get the Northumberland Street. There is a big shopping centre, many different areas for food and drink and other leisure activities.

Job Prospects

There are many workshops available to attend within the university. There is career support online and in person which has vast amounts of information with how to create a better CV, job profile and how to perform well in interviews. Throughout my modules many transferable skills are implemented and assignments are created with the purpose of showing how the knowledge we gained through lectures are applied to real life scenarios.

Student Support

There is a lot of support offered by the university. They offer mental health support for those struggling and support for people who want to learn more about mental health in order to help other people. In regards to academic feedback, it is in depth and shows you areas in which you can improve on continuously helping to improve your academic achievement.

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