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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Northumbria University, Newcastle

My overall experience at Northumbria University was appauling. It was such a waste of money. Tutors decided to translate their own personal feelings towards me into my grades and feedback which left me with lower marks than I should have recieved. People generally felt out of touch with the rest of the world, not realising that students have to work in order to make a living and be able to afford university. Tutors seemed to only care about their pay rather than the students and would often be off doing their own thing when they should be at work helping their students. The modules are repetitive and dull and leaves you feeling underwhelmed, unsatisfied and doesn't actually help you with your careers or life outside of university. It was by far the worst 2 years of my life and it cost me over £10,000, avoid it at all costs so you don't make the same mistake I did!!! read full review
Absolutely disgusting in every regard. If I could go back 9 months I would have enrolled at another local University and paid the extra cost.

Choosing to study the MSC Project Management is to date the worst decision of my life and has been a sham to the point of miselling/ malpractice.

I fully intend to contact some form of regulatory body upon graduation and make an official complaint regarding this programme as not only am I dissatisfied, but so are around 30-40 other students I socialise with.

Whats worse is the Programme Leader has been told this and just dismissed everything as not true.

My recommendation would be to not even consider this University or Programme unless you have literally no other options. Even then I would want a large discount before this even came close to value for money. read full review
Feels more like I'm working to pay thousands of pounds to complete the work of my own back.

Avoid this course at all costs!!! read full review
Terrible - waste of money and only a revenue stream for the university. Not a real, decent course like my UG. I would avoid this course I were you, I would drop out but have paid too much money and my career depends on it. BAD read full review
If I wasn't being sponsored I would quit. It's basically a few essays every few weeks that I write by researching the topic completely off my own back.
The worst part is the lack of any change after constant complaints from students over the past 2 years. read full review
My experience is incredible. I didn't expect it. That was the best decision I made. Only the one thing I'm missing are my friends. Despite this, I will probably stay in this city. read full review
10/10 would recommend. I had a fantastic time, in an amazing city and the university outdid itself, its just a shame the new library was just finished as I left! read full review
This uni works hard to improve itself, however, some teaching levels still need to improve more read full review


Buthania Badaw - November 2017

It's fun, I like it read full review
The university's condition of facilities is nice read full review