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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Open University

The best thing about the course was the Tutors' help.
However this was shaded by the fact any Open University employee, including the helpful tutors, hide from the students any details related to the extra fees that the Open University charge for things their marketing team spin as "features" of the OU.
For example, if you fail an exam, and you are given the chance to re-sit the same exam, first of all, you are not able to choose dates or location of that exam, but most importantly, you have to pay a further fee, which might be a small percentage of the overall cost of the module, but for people who self finance their studies, might be an excessive extra cost, which would be best avoided. And this despite OU saying in the first Tutorial : "Don't worry, if you fail borderline, you will still be able to resit the exam for free...."

Another example?
OU market their "Bank your TMAs" feature as a unique feature of their courses. TMAs is the name of the continuous assessments ongoing to check that the units being studied throughout the module are being assimilated by the students.
As most OU students work at the same time, there might be issues that cause the students to have little time to study. Examples of incidents happening in combination with moving home and not being able to study for longer than a month happened to me.
Despite OU saying that you are able to keep the results of the TMAs (assessments) that students have already done for a module, what OU do not tell you is that you will need to pay for that feature.
In terms of costs: if you think that the B716 module of the MBA cost in the region of £4500 for a one year module, if you have passed the first 3 TMAs, like I did, you will be asked to pay a further £3500 if you decided to interrupt your studies and start again in the next session.

In my case I fought to continue and managed to get to the end, but with all the bad experiences I had with OU, I can only say that:

Open University is the "Ryanair" of the Universities, with the great respect I have for Ryanair business and hoping I have not offended the other Universities by calling University the OU. read full review