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Oxford Brookes University

By ,Written on May 22 , 2020

Historic Conservation MSc or PGDip or PGCert

Overall Rating

I don't think it's value for money. The PGCert at Oxford University is enjoyable and well run and I would have happily left it there as there are many similar courses to the Oxford Brookes element which are free at IHBC and SPAB.

Student Union

The Student Union were really good at sorting out the issues that I had with the course

Clubs and Societies

I don't know

Uni Facilities


Course and Lecturers

I enjoyed the elements which were taught at Oxford University. Oxford Brookes was very badly run. I enrolled, chased them about not taking my fees then they said I wasn't enrolled and threatened not to give me my award. A lot of people very work shy in academic registry and fees

City Life

Its not in the centre of oxford so you don't get the whole Oxford University experience. You are on the outskirts and there is a local high street which could be anywhere in the UK

Job Prospects

Not really

Student Support

No not good. I have attended 7 universities - I'm bit of a career part time student and I would say that Oxford Brokes is my worst experience. I would not recommend to anyone.

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