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PGCE Secondary Science (Biology) with QTS (11-16)

PGCE Secondary Science (Biology) with QTS (11-16)

Remember the first time you looked at cells under the microscope? Or how you unravelled the process of photosynthesis? Bring that enthusiasm into your own classroom as a secondary school biology teacher. ...Read more
  • 1 year Full time degree: 9,250 per year (UK)
  • SSC4000 The Expert Science Teacher: Subject Knowledge as the Foundation of Expertise (20 Credits) - Core
  • SSC4003 The Professional Science Teacher at Work: Combining Knowledge, Theory and Method (20 Credits) - Core
  • SSC4001 The Effective Science Teacher: Explorations in Method, Policy and Theory (20 Credits) - Core
  • SRP4011 PGCE Secondary Professional Practice 1
  • SRP4012 PGCE Secondary Professional Practice 2
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MSc Conservation Management

MSc Conservation Management

How do we repair ecological damage? What’s the best way to protect our environment for future generations? Study the skills and theory you need at the level your career demands. You’ll develop professional...Read more
  • 1 year Full time degree: 7,000 per year (UK)
  • 2 years Part time degree: 39 credit (UK)
  • MCM4008 Vertebrate Monitoring and Management (10 Credits) - Core
  • MCM4015 Restoration and Conservation Planning (15 Credits) - Core
  • MCM4006 Conservation Placement (10 Credits) - Core
  • MCM4003 Biodiversity Planning and Legislation (10 Credits) - Core
  • MCM4002 Ecology and Biogeography in Conservation (10 Credits) - Core
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About Edge Hill University Postgraduate Biology and Life Sciences

The Life Sciences consist of the areas of science which are concerned with the scientific study of living organisms, microorganisms, plants, animals, and human beings as well as related areas l


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