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Masters Biomedical Engineering in East Midlands

2 degrees at 2 universities in East Midlands.


Biomedical Engineering MSc

Biomedical Engineering MSc

Our new interdisciplinary MSc Biomedical Engineering focuses on the application of engineering to biology and medicine in order to enhance and improve healthcare. The biomedical engineering field is...Read more
  • 1 year Full time degree: 13,000 per year (UK)
  • Drug Delivery and Targeting- Core
  • Biomechanics for Biomedical Engineering- Core
  • Technological Entrepreneurship- Core
  • Lab Techniques for Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering- Core
  • Sensors- Core
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Bioengineering MSc

Bioengineering MSc

Course Overview Whether its biomechanics and biomaterials, bioimaging and bioseng, or a combination of both, this 12-month course aims to provide science and engineering graduates from diverse backgrounds...Read more
  • 12 months Full time degree: 11,050 per year (UK)
  • Human Structure and Function for Engineers (autumn) (10 Credits) - Core
  • Advanced Materials Research and Communication (autumn) (10 Credits) - Core
  • Cell Structure and Function for Engineers- Core
  • Advanced Engineering Research Project Organisation and Design (spring) (10 Credits) - Core
  • Individual Postgraduate Project (summer) (60 Credits) - Core
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