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Postgraduate Drama Therapy - October 2023 intake

1 degree at 1 university in the UK.

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Drama and Movement Therapy, MA

Drama and Movement Therapy, MA

About the course The MA Drama and Movement Therapy course at Central offers a particular pedagogic approach to learning the craft of dramatherapy and is a unique combination of drama and movement within...Read more
  • 2 years Full time degree: 11,000 per year (UK)
  • Sustained Independent Project (Sip) (60 Credits) - Core
  • Practices 1: Apprenticeship Placement (20 Credits) - Core
  • Psychology - Analytical and Developmental (20 Credits) - Core
  • Facilitation Practice (20 Credits) - Core
  • Drama and Movement Therapy Practice (20 Credits) - Core
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About Postgraduate Drama Therapy - October 2023 intake

Drama therapy is a specialised form of psychotherapy that draws on the expressive and creative aspects of drama, music, movement and storytelling to help patients work through issues in their lives

Postgraduate students of dramatherapy may study a variety of theory and techniques or focus in on certain processes—particularly in a research capacity. They may go on to work in healthcare services, vulnerable person support or individual psychotherapy settings.