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PGDip Emergency First Aid courses

1 degree at 1 university in the UK.

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Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine PGDip

Emergency and Resuscitation Medicine PGDip

This course is designed for trainees and consultants in Emergency Medicine and other acute care specialities. It is also designed to assist advanced nurse practitioners and paramedics to gain skills in...Read more
  • 2 years Distance without attendance degree: £3,050 per year (UK/EU)


  • Resuscitation medicine I - The Physiology of Shock, Shock Syndromes and Tools of Resuscitation (15 Credits)
  • Resuscitation Medicine 2 - Cardiac arrest, Airway management, Analgesia and Procedural Sedation (15 Credits)
  • Introduction to Academic Medicine and Critical Appraisal (15 Credits)
  • Resuscitation Medicine 3 - Emergency Care (15 Credits)
  • Resuscitation Medicine 6 - Toxicology and CBRN in Critical Illness (15 Credits)
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Showing 1-1 of 1 results