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Postgraduate Landscape Conservation in Yorkshire and Humberside

1 degree at 1 university in Yorkshire and Humberside.

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Exploration Geophysics MSc

Exploration Geophysics MSc

Overview Geophysics involves the use of physical techniques to study the Earths interior. It involves a range of disciplines, including seismic, gravity, magnetic and geo-electrical methods. ...Read more
  • 12 months Full time degree: 11,750 per year (UK)
  • Seismic Reflection Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphy (15 Credits) - Core
  • Geophysical Reservoir Evaluation (15 Credits) - Core
  • Petrophysics and Petroleum Geology (15 Credits) - Core
  • Seismic Fundamentals and Acquisition (15 Credits) - Core
  • Computational Inverse Theory (15 Credits) - Core
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