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Literature: Specific Forms

MSc Degrees in Literature: Specific Forms

1 degree at 1 university in the UK.

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Personalised Medicine and Novel Therapies MSc

Personalised Medicine and Novel Therapies MSc

Personalised medicine is the next generation of medicine and healthcare. It aims to improve the management of patients’ health and to target therapies to achieve the best outcomes in the management of...Read more
  • 5 years Customised degree
  • 1 year Full time degree: 16,100 per year (UK)
  • 2 years Part time degree: 8,050 per year (UK)
  • Novel Therapies: From Concept to Clinical Translation- Core
  • Applied Genomics- Core
  • Applied Statistics for Health Research 1- Core
  • Personalised Medicine- Core
  • Computational Biology for Personalised Medicine- Core
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