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Online Masters Office Skills and Administration

1 degree at 1 university in the UK.

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Records Management and Digital Preservation MSc

Records Management and Digital Preservation MSc

We teach records management and digital preservation by focusing on the core principles, theory and practice. Our focus is very much on a mix of the theoretical and the practical. You must be working...Read more
  • 60 months Online degree: 1,829 per year (UK)
  • RM50017 Management and Preservation of Digital Records (20 Credits) - Core
  • RM50006 Principles and Practice of Records Management (20 Credits) - Core
  • Research Proposal and Dissertation (60 Credits) - Core
  • RM50031 The Theory and Context of Recordkeeping (20 Credits) - Core
  • RM50019 Metadata Standards and Information Taxonomies (20 Credits) - Core
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