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Occupational and Organizational Psychology MSc

Occupational and Organizational Psychology MSc

Why choose this course If you want to become a driving force behind peoples effectiveness and wellbeing at work, as well as aid businesses and organisations in achieving their maximum potential, then...Read more
  • 1 year Full time degree: 13,500 per year (UK)
  • Advanced Research Methods for Applied Psychology (15 Credits) - Core
  • Applied Research Dissertation (60 Credits) - Core
  • Applying Psychology at Work (15 Credits) - Core
  • Human Resource Development (15 Credits) - Core
  • The Psychology of Leadership and Decision making (15 Credits) - Core
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About University of Surrey Postgraduate Organisational Psychology

Organisational psychology is a specialist niche within the wider field of psychology, dedicated to the understanding of the way that businesses and other organisations ‘think’—as the sum of the beh

Graduates in this field go on to work on insightful research, at think tanks and charities, and in large organisations themselves, helping address issues like sexual harassment or increasing wellbeing and productivity.

There are over 50 organisational psychology courses available at postgraduate level in the UK, ranging in focus from social to organisational, occupational or business psychology.