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Plumpton College

By ,Written on Feb 12 , 2019

MSc Viticulture & Oenology

Overall Rating

I’m happy with my experience. I’ve spent time in the vineyard and winery, produced two wines and feel like I’ve learnt a lot. There have been some problems with organisation but these have already improved since semester 1.
The campus is rural so one challenge is transport. Many students drive in and parking can be a problem.

This is a difficult question to answer as I’ve never done a masters before, nor have I studied postgrad at a college. Some students on my course are not happy but I think they are expecting to be handheld throughout. Some of the concepts are difficult, for instance there is a lot of challenging and complex chemistry, and not everyone has a background in chemistry. The biggest problem I have with the course is the negativity these people spread - and I’m not sure how the institution could help with this.

Uni Facilities

Good. There’s a vineyard, winery, HE facilities. The library has what we need. Unfortunately we learn at a college where the students are younger and not necessarily engaged with their studies, so the library can be quite disruptive.

Course and Lecturers

Recordings of lectures
Group work
Logical lectures - however some lecturers struggle with timing
Practical sessions

Job Prospects

Regular career talks, and networking events. Internship if wanted.
Many transferable skills with a big focus on presentations.

Student Support

It is there if you need it. Staff are friendly and always there if you need them.

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