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Plymouth College of Art

By ,Written on May 21 , 2019

Drawing MA

Overall Rating

It was interesting and I felt I progressed further than I thought possible. With the help of the study skills department I feel confident to take my career in a new direction.
The college allowed me all the access I needed and the small scale of the college provided a family atmosphere.

Student Union

Did not have much to do with them.
The students union was more concerned with the young undergraduates. I was neither.

This user did not feel that they could enter a score for this category.
Clubs and Societies

Unknown did not get involved.

Uni Facilities

Art facilities are very good, but the library was not well stocked with books that were appropriate for postgraduate studies.

Course and Lecturers

The course leader is excellent, but the course has been understaffed for much of the time. This impacted on availability to tutoring hours.
The final show which is important for the future was not publicised properly by the college and very few people saw it as a result. This was very disappointing.
The lectures were exciting and informative and the course leader was assessable. The accessible of the whole college was good, which means one could work in any media.
Learning support was well managed and useful.

City Life

Artistically very lively. I did not live in the city for my studies. Plymouth is in a stunning location with accessibility to both Devon and Cornwall and the wider landscapes and activities they offer.

Job Prospects

Careers department offers information and advice for three years after graduation. Where they if you want can review you CV and job applications.
Access to the college website and Google Docs is also available for three years.
The course also offers advice on filling in abstracts for applications to conferences and lectures on applying for funding.

Student Support

Study skills department is excellent with very good advice and support.
Tutors were available most of the time. Feedback was personalised and in depth and easily accessible through the college website.
But tutors need more training in working with students with learning differences.

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