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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

A small campus and small class size makes QMU a great place to study. It would have been a little more helpful if there is session (Scottish words) hosted specifically for international students, as the language is tricky to grasp. read full review
I have really enjoyed my time at this university due to the friendly and entrepreneurial atmosphere. The lecturers and staff always encourage you to do your best and to seek as many opportunities as possible.

Compared to other universities, Queen Margaret really helps you to integrate into the world of work with a variety of courses with practical elements, such as placements or client projects. There is also a wide range of clubs and societies to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

TGIThursday is a great event which provides students with free meals and food packages to take home, and the cafeteria has a wide range of affordable food options.

I also really like that the campus is so close to the city of Edinburgh, yet still in a quiet location where you can relax.

I can't say that I have anything bad to say about this university, I've had a great experience! read full review
It's an amazing school; so much different from other schools and it's a beautiful, safe place to be; you have lecturers who see you and are extra committed to making you employable, and a much better person really. I've had mostly good experiences - and the bad one i've got, was due to a misunderstanding, and I'm sure everyone is doing their best on both sides to create a safe space for all students.
Can't imagine myself studying anywhere else! read full review
Timetabling could be improved as is currently erratic, not cost effective, and unhelpful for parents/carers/those who need to work.

Standard of teaching is excellent and student support from lecturers, union and wellbeing services is good. read full review
Definitely need an overhaul of the IT equipment and furniture.

Half the PCs either don't work or don't have keyboards/mice, and the chairs are mostly broken that if you lean back, it feels as though you're about to fall over. Definitely not ideal when stressing about a paper.

Otherwise the campus is clean and tidy, and student support seems OK. read full review
Best- student support, general concern for student wellbeing, providing meals on Thursday for cost of living crisis, library materials, welcoming friendly environment
Visiting professionals

Worst- allocations of placements, placement has been lacking in support and learning experience, feels unfair that some students get to work with professional art therapists and can learn through them as well as through tutors at QMU, and some are given placements that just see the student as free labour and don’t have an interest or knowledge of your profession at all. More consideration needs to be given to this so everyone gets an equal learning experience.
Need more Communication from lecturers
More contact time with lecturers, more support to each individual student
Cheaper food on campus
Healthier snack options on campus

read full review
For new students, the university is a great place for learning and the presence of Personal Academic Tutors for each students makes it more better read full review