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Queen's University Belfast

By ,Written on Jan 27 , 2020

MA Translation

Overall Rating

Horrible. Not what i expected. The tuition was too high for what the course actually offered. As i wrote in the previous answer there were a lot of elements not working.
I remember there was a meeting/workshop about video game localisation and the speaker kept speaking in Chinese because the majority of students were from China. It was like a big 'forget you' to the rest of the students.

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Student Union

I don't know enough about the union but it seems to have potential regarding events

Clubs and Societies

I don't know enough to comment on the societies

Uni Facilities

Depends. The library is really impressive and the rooms are modern despite the old building. The computer rooms were disappointing though. I was studying translation in a room called the language lab that didn't have the right keyboards. That means that all the foreign students couldn't use the lab. And we had translation workshops in there. Unacceptable.

Course and Lecturers

1. The classes don't have any breaks between them. That means we had to run from one room to another because the professors would act passive aggressive if you were late.
2. The professors were taking it slow and made sure all the students had the right resources to finish the assignments; even if they didn't have experience in academic writing. But then for the final exams they had extremely high expectations and they wanted deep research. The students were treated like small children in school but then expected to write like professionals.
3. before applying i asked if i can have a tutor for my native language and i got a positive answer. but then the workshops began and there was no tutor. the workshop consisted of 4 students with no tutors talking about specific language elements that the others couldn't understand. students are paying high tuition for this course and it felt like even some basics were missing.

City Life

Kind of, it has a tesco close and it's 20 minutes from the city centre

Job Prospects

We have a website to search job positions which is helpful

Student Support

The professors were passive aggressive but to be honest if we needed to meet they were always there. the counselling as well

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