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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Raindance Film School

MA in Filmmaking


Vanda - February 2021

Studying at Raindance completely changed my career. When I joined I was a one-person filmmaker and had already made more than 100 short films, but not much visibility to others. My masters project short film was awarded 45 wins in festivals around the world. This success was due to the insightful mentoring from Raindance tutors, listening and working creatively with others, valuing research and feedback and deeply reflecting on my voice and goals.
It was a pleasure to work this such a brilliant and diverse team on a film that was so meaningful to me. I feel that I have taken big step in my filmmaking career. I learnt a lot from active listening and learning from people who are more experienced than me. I will continue to do so and will be actively involved in developing the Raindance community. read full review
I feel very disappointed by this course and feel the course should not be allowed to operate in its current form. I think there's only 1 person that should consider this course and that is someone who is interested in film and needs an MA qualification for a certain reason such as teaching or gaining a work visa for example. The only reason I did it was because it offered the chance to continue working while all the other courses I looked at were full-time. I think now its finished and in hindsight I should have sacrificed my finances and done the 1 year full time course in a proper Institution with facilities hands on tutoring and more practical classes. Raindance do not offer much for your money apart from guidance. read full review