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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at Ravensbourne University London

Awful. Disgusting. Ridiculous. This place is a school for idiots who know nothing and then every stupid thing they will show will appear as wonderful. If you have some knowledge in the field just don't go there, you won't find any help, any skills, any useful key point. Tutors are REALLY unprepared and the school should not be allowed to provide Msc title. There's no program and structure, no difference between Msc and MA. Tutors will follow you giving you random hints (when they are available as often they won't even bother in see your presentations). They will judge you without having idea of what you are talking about as they are not teachers, they shouldn't be teaching. Beware of when they will tell you this is "the place for innovation" because it's just a place for ignorants and superficial rich people. read full review
Terrible. Really, don't goto Ravensbourne, don't do it! You are wasting so much money just for being in a nice building..'nice' until you find that having class in an open space along with 2 other courses is a hell. No skilled people, no real teaching, low level of competence. Don't do that! Just go on the website and think why there are no details about the courses: it's because they don't have a structure! The only good thing is that you have quite lot of equipment that you can borrow for free (but I guess all the other uni have this). Really, I'm doing a master and the course are like 'introduction' to things, the level is like high school class. Really, don't do this. read full review
Really bad and disappointing. My background is computer science applied to music. I came here expeting to be a really good uni to develop big projects and increase my knowledge...this is not possible. Teachers are not skilled, and I wonder how the uni is allowed to provide MSC title. They shouldn't as I (undergrad) have more tech skills than the tutors. Really: don't do that. Unless you are a very beginner, do not expect any serious quality of things in that place. You application will be accepted regardless of your background: the result is that noone in my course have any experience in this filed other than me and I'm basically doing nothing while they discover the basics of the field. Many shortcourses and workshops are provided but they will give you only the idea of things. When tutors talk about their works don't think that they actually did it: they had the idea and then hired other people to do that. read full review