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Reviews of Chemistry Postgraduate Courses

Excellent, thoroughly enjoying it. The Uni is great fun and very interesting with a long history. It is supportive, prestigious and welcoming. I would highly recommend someone to study here. read full review
Fantastic experience overall. I have really embraced university life here in Cambridge - I have taken part in many societies and clubs and have tried to take on positions of responsibility too. I hope to be able to continue research here beyond the Masters year read full review
Not too bad. Considering I live off campus and only study part time. It might have been better if I lived in one of the university halls. That would increase my chances of socialising or joining university clubs. read full review

Biochemistry PhD


Student Reviewer - October 2015

Positive. Very different to undergrad at Essex but I'm enjoying it all the same. I think my view of the su is simply because I'm a post grad and post grads kind of get forgotten in things as undergrads are the real life and soul of the party in reality read full review

Secondary Education (Chemistry with Science) PGCE


Mr Teacher - February 2015

PGCE course is highly disorganised.

Assignments for the course are not taken seriously by many students as they feel like bolt-ons and pale into insignificance when compared to school experience - not to mention the mixed messages from university staff about what exactly they want us to submit for each assignment.

Time spent in university feels completely wasted: approximately 4 to 6 hours of useful contact time per week.

Overall, not impressed at all. read full review