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Reviews of Chemistry Postgraduate Courses

Biochemistry MSc


Mara - February 2020

My experience, comparing to my Bachelor (University of Bucharest, Romania) is obviously a good one. But the Uni is very unorganised and the timetable is always a mess. Since my MSc Biochemistry module is in its first year, they didn't manage to include us ( we are 3 people at this module) very well in their academic planning. So, we do what others do, but I cannot see a very clear direction for our academic plan. read full review
Excellent, thoroughly enjoying it. The Uni is great fun and very interesting with a long history. It is supportive, prestigious and welcoming. I would highly recommend someone to study here. read full review
Overall it’s a bit confusing and I’m still trying to adjust but it’s getting better day by day. I like how close i live to campus so i don’t need to get a car. The clubs are a good way to meet new friends. read full review
Too intense - overload read full review