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Reviews of Linguistics Postgraduate Courses

The university has many different strengths and organisations in place for students to fall back on. My academic experience in York is very good; the quality level of the courses I am taking is high and I enjoy going to class. Overall, I feel quite safe on campus and I feel comfortable asking questions in class and at the university in general. Personally my complete experience in York is not great as I am far away from my family and all my friends (as a foreign student I am aware that this is a given), and it is more difficult to connect with other students when you are a postgrad as opposed to undergrad (which I know from experience). This is purely because of the work ethic and the workload which is higher and more stressful and absolutely more lonely for MA students. read full review

Applied Linguistics PhD


Sadiq Almaged - February 2015

University number one.

Swansea university is well known for the Valuable academic staff it has among other universities. It has also the most friendly staff members I have ever seen.
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