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Reviews of Psychology Postgraduate Courses

The location is the biggest problem as it’s not really in Bournemouth and can be a hassle to get to. Travelling in isn’t cheap, and it’s impossible to park too too. However most of campus is nice, although Poole house is quite run down. read full review
The content of the course

Isolating and lonely read full review
My best experience in the uni is the location of the school and the support received from the staff of the uni . My worst experience is the landscape of the university halls that's a little difficult to walk. read full review
Online learning has been well designed read full review
I feel like the student union can be more involved I'm a students journey in the university. During my undergrad at NTU, I didn't hear or see much from them including into my MSc too. They have some really interesting stuff, and by the time I find out, it's already over.

Apart from that, the university is amazing. Although my uni experience was cut short by Covid, I was able to relive those moments through my masters and am enjoying student life even more. A lot of ways to meet new people in the Global Lounge and volunteering to teach as well as learn a new language in the language cafe - it's just an experience that needs to be shared!

Professors are always quick to reply back to emails and concerns that one may have, and it doesn't necessarily need to be your personal tutor that you can speak to about your problems, you can speak to whomever you're most comfortable with.

All in all, I'm glad I decided to stick with NTU for both my undergrad as well as my postgrad. read full review
Best - my course has fundamentally changed my life, and I would not still be alive without it, having gone through extreme trauma and physical health challenges in my life. My course led to me realising I could be autistic and as a result of the lectures on autism I arranged an autism assessment. Through my academic studies I have learnt so many key transferable skills which I've applied to improve my own life and struggles. It's odd how studying neuropsychology has helped me learn how to help myself and develop some very effective self-management strategies to get a lot better from severe physical issues caused by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Through my course, its helped me understand myself better and helped me overcome many of of own personal challenges and I am now making contributions at an international level in extra-curricular work with the Ehlers-Danlos society.

The University has certainly helped with my awareness in self-actualisation.

I've recently been taking part in the Graduate Masterclasses and Graduate Skills + Award - which is very much helping me realise my skills, values and purpose.

read full review
There are a lot of resources available and the staff are very accommodating and helpful when I need help.
The location is fantastic as it has great transport access, so not only can you study on campus but you can easily access study spots e.g, cafés off campus.
Modernisation of some buildings could improve the learning and studying experience
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University of Bristol the name itself suggests its a renowned University and one of the best in the UK with some of the best faculties and courses. It's a great place to expand your knowledge as well as do so much more than studying. The University has so many different societies, events and activities to take part in that the students will always be invested in something. The worst part? Climbing the hills every other day to get to classes early in the morning in the cold weather. read full review
There could have been more support when it comes to guidance on where to study from and in what depth. All of that information that is given to us is very vague. read full review