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Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

By ,Written on Dec 17 , 2016

Instrumental Performance - MMus / PgCert / PgDip

Overall Rating

It has been marvelous ,I love going and being inthe university, working on my project and so far I like a lot. I have met many people that we hang out, we socialise and meet new students by working with them and acquiring experience that enhances our academic and professional profile for the future to come. I personally find this unique and irreplaceable.

Student Union

I am not involved because I have a heavy timetable, but I am in contact with members of the union to be updated and see if I can help with problems arising.

Clubs and Societies

Have not tried much but they seem decent and well operated.


I am currently very pleased with that but the thing is that next year the consevatoire is moving to city centre and that's way long from my accommodation.

Uni Facilities

At the moment the best we can get. I must say though that I judge the university's decision to have the building semi demolished extremely jeopardizing the institution's operation. Three severe power cuts during term is unacceptable. No matter how many security approvals make have been presented to them by the demolition company they should have DENIED!!!

Course and Lecturers

The whole course is the best thing since it is what I love and hold dearest. The whole course...

City Life

Wonderful, I am used to cities, I have been born in a city and I am pleased with the numerous events taking place in arts and many many other wonderful things!!!

Job Prospects

It does take initiatives but since we are located far form the campuses we have to violate our timetable to do so. Which is not excused I am afraid.

Student Support

The support is excellent if you ask for it.The tutors are much professional and the personal is just to the point. Maybe sometimes to much to the point...

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