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Source: HOTCOURSES, March 2017.


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MSc - Master of Science

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Business Information Systems

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Source: HOTCOURSES, March 2017.

This course provides you with sound, theoretically informed and relevant knowledge of modern information and communications technologies and its use in key business and organisational settings. Graduates will have the specialist scientific and technological expertise as well as research skills to be able to develop or further their careers as business IT practitioners, “hybrid” managers or multidisciplinary researchers. This programme is suitable if you don’t have a management or technology based qualification. Through the course you will understand and appreciate the strategic value of technologies and processes as a source of competitive advantage, both nationally and internationally and find out how to respond to the increasing need for greater understanding of the role advanced information and communication technologies plays in the workplace and at home. The multidisciplinary curriculum spans a variety of topics, such as: technology management, system design, organisational behaviour, business strategy, and marketing. You will learn about the central issues in designing and managing business information systems and in assessing the role of IT in the globalisation of business activities; as well as develop an understanding and appreciation of the strategic value of technologies and processes as a source of competitive advantage, both nationally and internationally. The programme provides an excellent preparation for both managers and business IT practitioners and those who intend to embark on a research degree. The programme will help you to use your existing skills in the burgeoning field of information and communication technologies, as well as increase your degree of confidence in communicating with other people.

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Source: HOTCOURSES, March 2017.

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Full time


1 year

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These are the sub-topics that you will study as part of this course.

Source: HOTCOURSES, March 2017.

People and Technology - Core

In this module you will develop an understanding of the role of information technology in organisations and society, covering a range of topics from central functions of management information systems in modern business, technology and innovation, to the impact of IT on globalisation and the transformation of society. You will look at the strategies employed by busiensses to take advantage of IT systems, and analyse the implications of technology in modern workplaces. You will also consider the potential ethical and social impact of emerging technologies, and reflect on the design, adoption and diffusion of future technologies.

Information System Design, Development and Management - Core

In this module you will develop an understanding of the design, development and management of large IT projects. You will look at the key elements of socio-technical systems and the main issues around software requirements. You will look at object orientated design (OOD) and examine approaches to code development and testing. You will consider the principles of function point analysis for fault tolerance, and evaluate the key systems used to plan and manage large software projects, with emphasis on software metrics and reliability.

Information Systems Theory and Practice - Core

This module will introduce you to a range of themes delivered by invited industry speakers. You will look at 'hybrid management' and its application in organisations where new and existing working practices are becoming increasingly dependent upon the effective integration of information technologies and business. You will gain specialist insights into the constraints and opportunities facing those who work in IT and business-related fields.

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Entry requirements
Source: HOTCOURSES, March 2017.

Applicants need to have an UK Lower Second Class Honours degree (2:2) or equivalent. A background in business and management and/or computer science is preferred but not essential. Consideration will also be given to relevant professional qualifications and/or work experience.

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