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Sheffield Hallam University

By ,Written on Jan 09 , 2019

Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc

Overall Rating

The assignment is really stressful, because a half of lecturers here got some problems with their teaching skills, they can't convey what they mean to us. And also, the content of some modules is really generic, its simple but they over-complicate it, which makes the assignment really hard because we dont know what they want, and we dont deserve the effort we made. The content is something really old, like back from the 90s, I actually was really enthusiastic with this course before deciding to attend here, I look for some technical knowledge, some strategic management, but all they teach is about moral, I regret my decision and I feel bad for those who already paid the deposit, no wonder why the university's rank has dropped dramatically these years. If you dont believe what I am saying, feel free to take a Msc Logistic and Supply Chain course. And there is a semester, they sort your timetable just for 2 days a week and from 1 to 8 each day, for me my mind cant grasp anything after 5 hours studying, not to mention this is a postgraduate course, not a undergraduate.

Student Union

I'm not interested in these activities.

Clubs and Societies

Uni Facilities

Very good, I like its library.

Course and Lecturers

Everything is theoretical, generic, not interesting at all. There is a good professor but his part in the module is too short, one other lecturer got a good content but I dont think hes good at teaching, the way he explains confuses all of us.

City Life

Its quite, I enjoy it.

Job Prospects

The employability building is ok, they got some sessions talk about writting CV,... but I dont think with the academic knowledged that I got from here makes me confident enough to step into real life

Student Support

there is a lecturer who is late for the feedback up to 3 times, late feedback with a bad hand writing, I understand like a half of what he wrote.

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