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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at SOAS University of London

There are brilliant scholars at SOAS. Unfortunately, the institution is poorly managed, if at all. Students are not supported nor are there enough resources for students. There are always issues of delay, short staff or basic misfunctioning at any given day. The institution is heavily understaffed. There does not seem to be a quality assurance team. Things move very slow which result in the student spending a massive amount of time away from research to chase basic admin procedures. Transparency is not apparent nor effective. Heavy bureaucracy + understaffed institution. read full review
The admin needs to be improved. read full review
SU, student activism, improved with better administrative and more emotionally aware support staff. read full review
Since I studied during the pandemic, I can't really speak of student life - hence only 3 stars. I know that outside of the pandemic, SOAS has a very active student life. I really enjoyed my courses and felt always welcome to attend office hours with my professors; maybe that's due to the comparably small size of my major. read full review
SOAS would be better if the admin is stronger read full review
Best: the course material

Worst: quality of student cohort read full review
The people make it worthwhile, not the place.
There is no food on campus, barely any cafeteria or microwave to warm up food.
There is not enough place to study.
The admin and institution are really poorly managed and I am still struggling to figure out my credits for the year.
SOAS also keeps everything online for no particular reason. read full review
The teaching is mostly high quality and the environment fosters independent thinking and curiosity. The course is well designed and allows for a lot of flexibility and tailoring it to personal interests.

It is very hard to get clear information on things like mitigating circumstances, extensions etc. read full review
Atmosphere is great and teachers are friendly. Lots of societies and student activities.

All the deadlines are putting together and teachers are sometimes unavailable or don’t have enough time to talk. Bad AC and wifi at some locations. read full review