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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at SOAS University of London

SOAS need to employ more student support staff. The campus is not maintained enough. Toilets are always such a mess. Admin is overworked and not be able to reply students' request. read full review
The lecturers, tutors, and other student make this a great place to study, as there is a real sense of community. Spending time discussing all sorts of topics with peers from around the world is eye-opening and I really enjoy those moments. However, administration is poorly put together and inefficient. Technology that was present in my undergrad university is lacking here that would make processes run more smoothly, which was shocking to me as SOAS is in the UCL system and I would have expected better funding. Though, with the strikes are occurring throughout higher education in the UK, it is clear that administration does not care enough about the lecturers or student experience to negotiate in good faith. read full review
SOAS is an excellent institution offering unique opportunities to learn from experts leading in the fields of Asia and Africa. There are great networking and student employment opportunities which can be very useful as long as you keep on top of your emails and deadlines!

The teaching staff are extremely knowledgeable and impart their wisdom with students in an interactive and engaging manner. I have found I have been able to tailor my course to include the language modules I wanted and this has allowed me to continue developing my language skills even at an advanced level.

The campus is small and compact, you are not required to go far between lectures which saves a lot of time and energy. The buildings are modern, well-designed and on the whole well-looked after, however certain areas such as the online services can sometimes let the university down.

SOAS administration, like many educational institutions, is limited in its efficiency and this can be frustrating when you cannot find a solution to administrative problems. Sometimes it feels like you spend weeks being passed around via email to different departments with a query only to end up back where you started. However, this is a small price to pay for the excellent standard of teaching and the wealth of opportunities SOAS can provide.

The Student Union is well-run, the bar provides good vibes all week round and the societies and clubs are always hosting events which can be a great way to meet people. Overall I would recommend SOAS without hesitation, but suggest that any prospective student prepare themselves for some admin frustration while getting settled. read full review
You could tell professors to answer all our e-mails... read full review

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Claudia - January 2023

SOAS is fantastic for housing progressive academic departments, many of which are uniquely strong in the UK and internationally. The administration makes it such that students face logistical issues nearly constantly. read full review
Great school for online studies if you are doing it remotely. Only improvement would be if there was a way for me to visit the school when visiting London, which proved to be very difficult. I especially wanted to see the library (which was featured in the Crown on Netflix). read full review
It’s very political and student can always speak their opinion. However it’s not always heard. With a high percentage of international students and their tuition fees, the school still struggle financially, sorry not severely since someone decided to fire most of the janitors and hire more security! Do the students feel unsafe? Maybe. Of whom? The securities! The websites are always down, the teachers unhappy, the students frustrated. If only they hired some bartenders everyone could be happy in school. read full review

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Mustafa - January 2023

Studying at SOAS University of London is a wonderful experience. Located in the heart of London you get to explore beyond your study area by SOAS - because it is such a culture rich, welcoming place. Lots of opportunities available for you to spend your time, including societies and socials. Campus is very close to Oxford street where you can find everything ranging from food to clothing and technology. The students are very well supported both their module leaders and departments, faculties, I managed to get help on every problem I had so far.

It's been 4 months for me at SOAS and I would definitely recommend it. read full review
The other students at SOAS are fantiastic, it's incredibly diverse and you can feel different ideas flowing and bubbling off campus.

The administration is awful. There is no regard for student experience in the face of cost-saving for the vice-chancellors. They have not settled their pay disputes which compromises learning, the head of the university Adam Habib has used racial slurs, the facilities have been neglected through refusal to fairly pay and hire cleaners after the post-pandemic return to campus and instead they have spent more money on security guards to intimidate students and protests.

The organisation of courses has been shockingly poor and from discussions with longerstanding members of this community this is to-be-expected as a norm. It is so unacceptable. Most recently the library simply stopped working. It was brought back onlie, but only if you were on campus and is still not functioning two weeks later if you cannot get into the centre of London. The lecturers are lovely but overstretched and the often the slides need updating. There has been little constructive feedback on assignments.

The sense of community at this university and the content of the courses it offersare excellent. However, part of that community feeling is created at the expense of a quality education being provided to its students, who seem to rally in opposition to the incredibly poor administration. read full review
I am from Iran, Iran under the sanction and embargo and we did not engage with any aspect of English skills: but In SOAS all teachers are helpful and patiently try to guide you and understand your situation, from IFCELS staff and teachers that help me a lot in terms of reading, writing Academic essay and speaking until fees staff and teachers at university also its staff. I learn more in SOAS to be kind and accept other ideas and be tolerant and sympatric in life. read full review