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Postgraduate Reviews of Courses at SOAS University of London

It was good but administration was very disorganised. Fees also weren’t reduced even though the quality of learning experience was reduced and campus facilities weren’t accessible because of covid. read full review
It has been rather dismal. The takeaway is this: in terms quality of lecture content, SOAS scores high. However, there is a high level of the incompetency, disorganisation, and overall lack of communication between the university's various departments. This one fatal flaw so much outweighs any other strengths the university may have that I would STRONGLY urge anyone thinking of applying to think twice. read full review
Some great scholars, but too much in fighting and lack of collaborative spirit and organization, such a shame, lots of wasted potential. You'd think that such a small institution could foster collegiality. read full review
SOAS is a highly specialized and research focused institution, well connected to the broader international academic field. It suits my interests perfectly. It offers a variety of programs in Asian and African cultures, taught by competent and inspiring scholars. read full review